Being in the indoor and outdoor advertising industry for more than two decades, we help you to stand out from the crowd either your own design or one we create for you, the result will be an eye-catching design that will give your Business the look that tells customers you're open for business and with the latest weather-resistant materials they'll last for years.

What we offer

We provide high quality up to date technical advice and guidance on all our products from, specification, through quotation to installation. Our services are simply designed by employing the latest machinery which powered by cutting-edge technology to raise every client’s brand awareness.

As a leading company in industry

We offer complete digital & offset printing solutions and quick printing services to your requirements in the most innovative and attractive manner to surpass your expectations.


Our diverse range of services is open to all clients in the diverse sectors who want to advertise their business in outdoor and indoor advertising arena to attract more customers to their businesses.


No matter the size of your company we are 100% committed to providing an unparallel service to our customers to reach their goals. Our quick printing facility delivers customized and personalized printing solutions for our customers while our offset and digital printing solutions are ideal to reach multiple clients.


For any printed items you buy from us, we offer great value for your money. Have a look at our collection.

For any printed items you buy from us, we offer great value for your money. Have a look at our collection.


As a market leader in the outdoor advertising arena, SilverReed offers a diverse range of high-quality services for our clients.

We experienced in providing the products and services variety of signboard maker such as the Illuminated Sign Boards, 3D Box Up Sign, 3D Stainless Steel Letters Signboard, 3D Acrylic Signage, Pylon, Neon Signage etc. We provided due the high quality and durability that always meet the customer requirement and demands.

  • Corporate Sign
  • Illuminated Acrylic Sign
  • Stainless Steel Name Sign
  • Pylon
  • LED Display Panels
  • Showroom Branding
  • Neon Sign
  • Backdrops
  • Exhibition Stalls
  • Vehicle Branding


We design and manufacture exceptional bespoke awards across a range of quality materials such glass, pewter, brass, silver, stainless steel, acrylic and timber allowing us to capture the spirit of your event and brand while wowing the audience and recipients.

  • Visiting Cards
  • Leaflets
  • Invitation Cards
  • Birthday Cards
  • Menu Cards
  • Party Hats
  • ID Cards
  • File Covers
  • Booklets
  • Company Prole
  • Event Tickets
  • Flyers


We provide a creative and amazing assortment of print products and premium papers such as Booklet, Magazine, Company Prole, Calender, Book Printing and more. We will communicate with customers directly with our professional designers.

  • Magazines/ Books
  • Leaflets/Broachers
  • Booklets/ Company Proles
  • Labels/ Stickers
  • Annual Reports
  • Posters

We do specialize in Digital printing with latest Japanese High-quality Machines, We are condencing to deliver to products and services in a short period

  • Flex/ Synthetic Fabric/ Photo Paper Printing
  • Stickers Printing & Lamination
  • Banners/ X Pennants/ Pull up Stands
  • Table Tops

We do personalized wallpaper printing, wallpaper gives your organization environment a new look. Our company provides various designs of environment-friendly wallpapers, Canvas Printing, Banner Printing, Poster Printing and Special vehicle branding with unbelievable warranty

  • Up To A0 Paper Printing
  • Canvas Printing
  • Flag Printing
  • Wall Paper Printing

Textile printing involves the production of a predetermined coloured pattern on a fabric, usually with a definite repeat.

  • Flags
  • Banners
  • Pillow Covers
  • Curtains
  • Backdrops
  • Sofa Covers
  • Fabric bags
  • Seat Covers
  • Canvas Printing

This is the computer-aided advantage. Your image is printed direct to corrugated board; the printing press is digitally programmed as well. You get accurate, vivid and consistent color throughout the production run. We are old enough to remember silk screening and multiple “passes” to put color-on-color. Our technology eliminates plates, lms, dies or screens. Your digital corrugated displays are sharp and crisp without degradation of quality as your image transfers to corrugated board.

  • PP Boards
  •  KT Boards
  • PVC Stickers

We are the industry experts when it comes to Personalized Gifts solutions. Our service to suit your needs and budget.

  • Mug Printing
  • Plate/ Crystal Printing
  • Water Bottle Printing
  • Tile-Rock Printing
  • Photo Frames
  • Wall Clock
  • Crystal Clock Printing

A display system and bunting stands which able to make a durable and steady for any exhibiting as well as enable your business to grab more attention. We are offering customers various types of bunting stands includes Tripod T-Stand, XStand, Poster Stand, Roll up Stand Table top, Least holders, visiting card holders, and other, Key Tags, Promotional T-shirts, Caps, Back packs, Umbrellas, Wristbands, Pin Buttons

  • Display Stands
  • Exhibition Counters
  • X Pennent/ Pull-up Stands
  • T-Shirts/ Caps/ Back packs
  • Umbrellas
  • Table tops
  • Leaet/Card Holders
  • Event Bags
  • Wristbands
  • Pin Buttons

We do specialize in producing high quality and lowest price trade show displays, display racks, Interior Light Boxes, Direction Signages, Wooden laser engraving signages, WE believe that we will do our best to deliver the best products and services that meet your satisfaction and requirements.

  • LED Signages
  • Acrylic Table Tops
  • Crystal Pannel
  • Interior Direction Boards
  • Stand Light Boxes
  • Total Interior Solutions

We are the industry experts when it comes to Personalized Gifts solutions. Our service to suit your needs and budget.

  • Acrylic Plaques
  • Wooden Plaques
  • Event Awards
  • Trophies
  • Meddles/ School Badges
  • Souvenirs

Hoarding is a large outdoor advertising structure, typically found in hightraffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Hoardings present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. Typically showing witty slogans and distinctive visuals, billboards are highly visible in the top designated market areas. The largest sized Hoardings are located islandwide principal cities. Mostly to vehicular traffic. These afford the greatest visibility

  • Hoardings
  • Tri-Vision
  • LED Display Site
  • Gantry


27+  industry experience

Being in the indoor and outdoor advertising industry for more than two decades we are experts in providing innovative yet attractive advertising solutions.

Timely delivery

Our services are well reputed among many clients in the market for our ultra flexibility and the on-time delivery. We guarantee to deliver a quality product on a timely basis.


Our dedicated team will install your new signage and will liaise with you to discuss any access requirements to ensure installations are carried out safely and at your convenience.

Well-trained employees

Our dedicated in-house team of employees is committed to providing an excellent and professional service to our customers while comprehending their diverse adverting needs.

Award-winning excellency

We were awarded as Region Good Supplier award by the Huawei Company in 2017/15 for our unparallel commitment and professional service towards the advertising industry.

Ethical Partnerships

Our management places great emphasis on maintaining long-term and transparent relationships with our clients. Hence, we have been able to effectively anchor our position in the marketplace.


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